• Unlimited data usage!
  • No binding contract!
  • No credit card needed!
  • Unlimited data usage!
  • No binding contract!
  • No credit card needed!
  • Unlimited data usage!
  • No binding contract!
  • No credit card needed!



Multilingual support

User support in English・Vietnamese・Chinese・Japanese.

We offer JP Smart SIM user support and detailed billing information in 4 languages. Please feel free to contact us for any questions through Messenger, WeChat, LINE, WhatsApp or Email.


Easily apply

Easily apply with just your Passport.

With your passport or Residence card, you can easily apply online.


Fastest procedure ever!

Start use from tomorrow!.

Once the first payment is confirmed, we will start shipping the Wifi router at the shortest on the same day. You can start using WiFi from the very next day.




No Mothly Fee First Month

Monthly fee is free for the month since the day of application.For example, if you applied for our service on 10/5, the monthly fee for October will not be charged.


Free Shipping

We offer free shipping to address in Japan. At the shortest, the SIM card will arrive 1 day after the order was completed.


No Contract Termination Fee

We are now having Opening Campaign. If you apply now, you will not have to pay any cancellation fee later when you stop using our service.

  • Battery Life 18.5 hours
  • Support up to 8 WiFi tetherings.
  • Maximum speed: Download 187.5 Kbps、Upload 37.5Kbps
  • Coverage Area: Softbank
  • Battery Life 18.5 hours
  • Support up to 8 WiFi tetherings.
  • Maximum speed: Download 187.5 Kbps、Upload 37.5Kbps
  • Coverage Area: Softbank

Important Notices・Service Details

  • Basic charges for data transmission. Free basic charges for the first month when you make the contract include: basic charges for data transmission and other basic fees (Universal fee).

  • Safety Support Pack: (Appliable only at the start of the contract)
    ※Device Status and payment : Loss 10,000 yen (non-subcriber 20,000 yen) Damage 0 yen (non-subcriber 20,000 yen) Malfunction 0 yen

  • ※1 30GB LTE PLAN:There is a limit of 1GB of data usage per day. If daily data usage exceeds the 1GB, the speed will be reduced to 128 kbps.

  • ※2 Unlimited WiFi Plan:In order to prevent traffic congestion during peak time, there is be a speed limit restriction (in case usage data reached 10GB within 3 days). Internet speed exceeding this threshold will be limited to only 128Kbps.

  • The deposit will be refunded at the time of contract termination to the bank account that the customer registered in the deposit refund form. The refund amount will be the initial deposit minus the billed amount for last month and termination commission fee.

  • You cannot choose the type of device.

  • If you do not return the device at the time of contract cancellation, we will use the deposit money to pay for the device.

Application Steps


Use your Passport or Residence card to easily apply on the Internet.

Finish Payment

Please finish initial payment

Receive your WiFi

We offer free shipping to address in Japan.

Start Using!

Turn on the power and start using.

Payment methods

Convenient stores


Credit card or bank account is not required. You can make payments at convenient stores using SmartPit card.
What is Smart Pit Card?>> URL: https://www.jpsmart.net/


Credit Card


We accept various credit cards.




You can make payment using different Paycard.


Please complete the cancellation procedure on My Page. After that, please send back the WiFi router・USB cord・Adapter to our office. Once the device arrives back, you can request for the deposit refund and we will transfer the deposit to your designated bank account. (In cases where the wifi router sustains damage, we will deduct the damage cost directly from the deposit)

Customer will bear the delivery fee.

Termination month will be decided based on the time when we received your termination request.

a. Termination request received from 1st – 24th → Contract ends that month.
b. Termination request received from 25th – end of the month → Contract ends at the last day of the following month.

Regardless of the date when the termination request is made, *Basic fee* and *Monthly usage fee* will still be calculated until the end of the month when the contract ends. You need to complete all your pending payments in order to terminate your contract.

Return address: 〒600-8815
Room 213, Building #6, Kyoto Research Park,
93 Chudoji Awatacho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto 600-8815,
Japan JP-Mobile Ltd.
TEL: 075-315-5906
Please send us a request through My Page. Once we receive the out-of-order device, we will send another one to you. If you a Safety Support Pack subcriber, you will receive the replace for demaged device for free.
We use Softbank’s network line – a major telecommunication company in Japan, with WiFi service covering most of Japan.
Please check Sofbank’s site for details of coverage area information.
See Softbank >>
Absolute. The WiFi router supports upto 8 devices at one time.
That is not possible. You can only use in Japan.
Yes, the deposit will be transfered to the customer's designated bank account (Japanese banks only). (In cases where the wifi device sustains damanages, the cost will be deducted from the deposit) We will start processing deposit refund once the WiFi router arrives back at our office. The process normally takes 1 month.
Unfortunately, data rollever is not available. Please understand!